Basics of VPS cPanel Web Hosting

The majority of web hosts prefer to use VPS cPanel because of its fast loading speed, its non-reliance on databases which avoids any sort of database application that might reduce speed and its ability to allow customers to use Linux-based site hosting. While some of the features comprising VPS cPanel hosting may seem complicated to those who have never dealt with the technology of web hosting, once you start actually implementing some of the procedures you will soon realize that it really only requires a minimal amount of experience with knowledge of web-based mechanics in order to get a site up and running.

VPS cPanel carries the necessary tools that will allow you to efficiently operate your website, such as downloading files or uploading documents or videos. In addition, you will be able to see how many visitors are viewing your website during a certain time frame. This is accomplished through a third-party program called “AWStats”, an application many hosts give to customers as part of their hosting accounts.

Management Tools

One of the cPanel tools you can access is called “PHPMyAdmin”, something used to operate MySQL databases which you can generate within a cPanel account. As a web interface, PHPMyAdmin is always available via cPanel which means any MySQL database can be managed from any type of internet connection that does not need to have a desktop database administrative program. A webmail application is also contained in the control panel of the VPS, using either SquirrelMail or Horde, which is able to filter out spam and other unwanted emails. Upon initially logging into cPanel, you will be taken to a homepage which has all the options necessary to begin customizing your webpage, hosting package and domain.

cPanel Options and Categories

For your convenience, all options have been categorized so finding what you want to do is not difficult.

These options will include:

• Preferences–password, contact email address, etc.
• Mail
• Files–including FTP accounts
• Logs–visitor statistics
• Security–password protection and SSL certificates
• Databases

Through this homepage, you will be able to have access to anything you need or want to do to your website without the intervention of your web host. You can also find out any information you have about your account from the homepage, such as detailed information regarding software operations or how much space has been given to you. Any questions you may have regarding VPS cPanel web hosting can always be answered by either emailing the host or calling a customer representative number.